Fredrik Backe UX-desinger & front end

You miss 100% of the shots you dont't take

You can approach this two ways; Aim for the goalie, close your eyes and hope for the best. Or you can work together with your teammates to find and create the openings.

Here are some of the plays I have done with my clients.

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What I do

I am Fredrik Backe, a UX-designer and lightweight front end developer. I´ve been working with companies or together with agencies or other freelancers for three years.

I always try is to develop the potential within the projects I do. Use insight, knowledge and experience to create digital solutions that reach the soul at the other end.

I believe in solutions built on good concepts and ideas. That communicates to the people in a way they understand, relate to and inspires them. When technology and craft are brought together in a good way, the chances are greater that we utilise your potential.

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What I can do for you

• UX-design and prototypes of sites and software
• Frontend development
• Concept and identity

The people I've worked with

I had the pleasure of working with Fredrik for a couple of years while he was a consultant for our company. I worked closely with Fredrik on the design and user experience on our windows app, and the user manual for the app. Fredrik is full of creative and bold ideas for both graphic enhancements and workflow improvements, while still being able to work within limitations of time and budget.

I was impressed by how fast he understood both the end-users and the industry that the software was intended for. Fredrik is not afraid to ask the tough questions related to design and user experience, and he has a keen eye in finding shortcomings and logical flaws. His graphical work is full of original yet logical icons and graphical elements that are both beautiful and functional.

I can highly recommend Fredrik as a graphich- and UX-designer.

Yngve Rauberget | Senior Software Developer @dolphitech

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Do you need my help?

I work directly with companies or in cooperation with other freelancers and or agencies. If you have a project or want to talk about UX, frontend, sailing, or other stuff. Leave me your details.

What I have done

Take a closer look at some of the projects I have done.