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The formula of the good life


A funny story that confirms the importance of being nice to people, or at least try to be a good neighbour, sometimes it gets you a seat at the table. The owner of Sigma Living approached me: – We have a name, we have nice products, maybe you can help and have a go at the logo.


Start from more or less from scratch. Except for good product images, there was a lot of loose ends.

The solution

In the first meeting, I took a bit different and in some cases a dangerous approach by presenting many sketches for the client, too many. But I made the agenda clear and invited the client more into the process. The first meeting accumulated into some more distinct directions that I continued to work with.

Early sketches

Logo suggestions early work

Front page Sigmaliving.no

Skjerm dump av

Collection page

Screenshot Collection page

Material samples

Skjerm dump av en kolleksjon fra Sigmaliving


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