Feature for nordpool

The ceiling made out of stars


In cooperation with Adseo, I was set to do a redesign on Nordpoolspa.no

The challenge

The client is true to the concept of the classic old fashion sale process and had strong disbelieves towards selling Spa Baths in their webshop, but wanted to approach users emotions.


I try to create a colour schema to was inspiring. Try to lift the quality of the products while also trying to aim for the user's emotions. Instead of just going straight towards the sales-offer route. I tried to draw out ways to get in touch with potential buyers by offering help to find the right product for the user.

Frontpage (part)

Screenshot Frontpage for Nordpool Spa


Screenshot webshop nordpool spa

Product page spa bath

Screenshort of product page spa bad nordpoolspa.no


Image/screenshot of Leads generator

What to think about

Screenshot of What to think about when buying