Re launch

Trying to make it global


Dolphitech develops a platform that identifies damage to various materials. Modern materials can look undamaged, but be the exact opposite. A good example is aeroplanes that hit birds or are struck by lightning.

I started working with Dolphitech during the summer of 2018 while my brother was the CEO of the company. I was asked to help out with various graphic and digital tasks, it soon turned into more.


The company was established in 2009 but was still struggling to break the global market. They had a good product or at least strong believes in the potential of the product they were developing.

There seemed to be a big gap between brand and product experience, and the product and its potential. The communication was focusing on the technical details just from the engineer's point of view.

Time and budgets were limited.

The company had started to get feedback from some early clients. But did not have a lot of knowledge about the NDT industry and market.

Another challenge was that key persons in the company were occupied and extremely busy trying to juggle daily tasks.

And it might be mentioned that NDT and the product was and quite complex. Which meant digging deep into the NDT world and trying to learn the most about the product.

The solution

We knew that we had a great opportunity in a global NDT conference that was in November 2018. The key focus from my side was to address the tasks that would impact the most.

I tried to create a strong brand and identity that could stand out. Clean up and make communication clearer. Focus on how it could be used, key USPs and trying to put it in relevant context.

What I did

Concept, design and development company site (WordPress).

Design and print production of conference stand, together with video (after effects).

Design and graphics to the user manual.

Together with the developers, we made some limited updates on the UX/UI of the software.

Company site WordPress

Skjermdump fra software

Conference stand:

Image of stand durring ASNT


No conference without:



Global interest for Dolphicam2.

4 x Sales in 2019.

It was nice to get feedback from Dolphitech employees; your work makes us proud while representing the company.